Because Weird = Fun

Wacky Races - Compact Pussycat

Tell me you wouldn’t want to drive this around for an hour. Wacky Races – Compact Pussycat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just another blog about stuff other people do…

Let’s face it; it’s fun to see what other people are doing. It can be frustrating, fascinating, inspiring and just about any other -ing you can imagine. From LOLCats to food pr0n, home decor DIY to the latest rants and conspiracy theories, all those billions of blogs floating about in cyberspace can give you a devastating peek into the minds of your fellow-man.

And that’s where this blog comes in. From the weird to the wacky to the wonderful, this little blog will house my personal collection of all that’s weird, fun and sometimes frightening on the web.

Warning: This blog might consume ridiculous amounts of your time. The author does not encourage reading during work hours.

The content on this blog may contain the following:

  • Graphically violent fantasies
  • Sexist commentary
  • Rampant sarcasm
  • Tap dancing crack babies
  • Stereotyping
  • Gratuitous Blond-bashing
  • Bad photography
  • Too much personal information
  • Vulgar language
  • Inane rambling
  • Bad pirate jokes
  • Poor spelling and mangled grammar
  • Miserable attempts at philosophy

Viewer discretion is advised. In fact, nobody should view it, at all, ever. Author claims no responsibility for anything and you can’t make me!

FBI Warning

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How I Rate Movies

The "Bad" Movies series are reviews of quirky, unique and obscure movies that I've watched. By 'bad' I mean how uncomfortable and unusual they are – it's not a reflection on their quality. Mostly. Some movies will truly be horrible in every sense of the word.

Rating Scale: 1-10

1 – You would never see this with your dog, your mother, your SO, your neighbor or with anyone else. It's just bad, like nauseatingly bad. You'll need two gallons of vodka, a mind-eraser and about 3 years of therapy to recover.
10 – Delightfully quirky and surprising. Fun in the weirdest sense of the word - or weird in the funnest sense, I don't know.


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